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WoWWiki Crazy people

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"a list of the really helpful and cool wowwikians" :-)

Crazy peopleEdit

Proposed crazy peopleEdit

Proposed people go here:

How? Edit

The ultra-unofficial rules Edit

  • Anybody can add anybody, except themselves
  • A person needs 6 votes from people other than themselves (obviously) to get added to the list
  • A person can instantly de-nominate themselves at any time
  • Once on the list, you can get knocked off by 3 votes against, or until you decide to leave it yourself

To add somebody Edit

  1. Add their name to the proposed list:
    • {{WoWWiki:Crazy people/Listtemplate|Theirusername|Yourusername}}
  2. Click the red link and start a page (will be at WoWWiki:Crazy people/'''Theirusername''')
  3. Type {{subst:WoWWiki:Crazy people/Votetemplate}} in the blank page
  4. Save the page (not preview)
  5. Edit it again, and cast your vote, and perhaps add some comments to the comments section at the bottom of the new page

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