Former Community teams

Help Team (join)
Watchdogs (join)
Bookkeepers (join)
Article Council (join)
Template Engineers (join)
Welcoming Committee (join)

This page will soon be deprecated in favour of WoWWiki:Community teams/Dev.

Please see Rehash! at Community teams discussion.

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A Community Team is a group of people dedicated to improving WoWWiki in some way or another - you can join one if you want to help out, or for that matter, all of them (there is no limit on the number you can join)! To join a team, simply leave a message on that team's join page, and the team leader will review you. You will be contacted if you are accepted.

Not being a member of a particular team of course does not mean that you can't carry out one of "their" tasks. Team members are simply expected to do so more, and be the place to turn for other WoWWikians. The only exception are the RC/NP patrols, who need special permissions to mark pages as patrolled.


Welcoming Committee Edit

This community team welcomes new members and makes sure they know what to do and where to go when they join - works closely with the Help Team.
To join, visit the join page

RC Patrol Edit

This community team is dedicated to watching the recent changes list for malicious edits and vandalism.
To join, visit the join page

WoWWiki:AMA Edit

The Association of Members' Advocates (AMA) arbitrates disagreements between members (before it goes to an admin), and makes sure everyone stays happy. See the team page for more info.
To join, visit the WoWWiki:AMA/Join

Bookkeepers Edit

This community team checks the lore on info pages and makes sure that it is accurate and up-to-date with the latest sources. It is their job to arbitrate any small disputes on the lore (although any large-scale arguments should be pushed up into the hands of the AMA.
To join, visit the join page

Commentators Edit

This community team are focused on checking out the pages listed on WoWWiki:Requests for comment and helping the author improve their page. They also watch Special:Popularpages for pages that receive many hits; and work to improve these pages up to par. Commentators work more indepth on each article then the NP Patrol.
To join, visit the join page

Cat Team Edit

This community team checks that pages are correctly categorized according to categorization policy and that the the categorization tags have the appropriate sort keys on them.
To join, visit WoWWiki:Cat Team/Join

NP Patrol Edit

This community team is dedicated to watching the new pages list, and commenting on the page's talk page, giving the author insight into how the page may be improved. This team is more cursory and pervasive then the Commentators.
To join, visit the join page

Stub Team Edit

This community team is dedicated to making sure that stubs are marked as stubs; that stubs merely marked {{stub}} are re-categorized into the correct stub sub-category; and that stubbed pages have some sort of minimal description of what should be there at least for future editors to build off of. Please do not call us "stubbies."
To join, visit the join page

Help Team Edit

This community team writes the help pages and makes sure that all the help and documentation is concise and easy to understand. This team works in close association with the Welcoming Committee to make sure new members can easily learn how to contribute and write articles.
To join, visit the join page

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