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Former Community teams

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The community teams are groups of people dedicated to improving WoWWiki in some way or another!

To join a team, simply leave a message on that team's join page, and the team leader will review you. You will be contacted if you are accepted.

Not being a member of a particular team of course does not mean that you can't carry out one of "their" tasks. Team members are simply likely to do so more, and are the place to turn for other WoWWikians.

Administrators Edit

Team Leader
You don't get much more powerful than this. Eventually, when all else fails, the other teams turn to the admins. They are mostly members of other teams, who have long proven their worth and ability along with the trust of existing admins, working as an arbitrary council on matters of importance. Common issues they deal with are policy changes and resolving disputes between users, but they can and will step into any role to help out the other teams and deal with things beyond a team's scope or powers.

Help Team Edit

Team Leader
This community team helps people use the wiki. The Helpers have one subteam, the Welcoming Committee. Members make sure that all the help and documentation is concise and easy to understand, and helps out new contributors find their footing. A subteam, the Welcoming Committee, welcomes new members and makes sure new members can easily learn how to contribute and write articles.

Watchdogs Edit

Team Leader
The Watchdogs are a WoWWiki patrol team, dedicated to watching the recent changes list for malicious edits and vandalism, reporting vandals to admins to deal with. They also watch the new pages list, commenting on a page's talk page and giving the author insight into how the page may be improved, as well as marking articles for deletion, stubbing, splitting, merging and disambiguation. They will often delegate jobs to Article Council and inform them where and why action needs to be taken.
The Watchdogs incorporate the Recent Changes and New Pages patrollers. They are added to the patrollers group and can mark edits as patrolled. This can be done automatically via a preferences page setting.

Bookkeepers Edit

Team Leader
The Bookkeepers are charged with maintaining all lore information throughout WoWWiki to ensure it stays accurate, neutral and up-to-date. It is their job to arbitrate any disputes over lore, ensure speculation is handled according to policy, and add citation and references where needed. They are also charged with writing policies on lore and all things surrounding it for WoWWiki. Overlapping roles mean this team works closely with the Article Council, taking on their issues that are relevant to lore.

Article Council Edit

Team Leader
The Article Council ensures consistency of information and styling across all pages. They will act upon articles marked for stubbing, splitting, categorising, merging and disambiguation among other things, while delegating the more specific jobs like citation requests and fact checking to other teams where needed.

Template Engineers Edit

Team Leaders
Hobinheim and Tekkub
The Template Engineers focus on creating templates needed for WoWWiki and adding documentation for all Templates. They also act as further WoWWiki support for users wishing to create Templates or having trouble using them.

Welcoming Committee Edit

Team Leaders
Fandyllic and Pcj
The Welcoming Committee (or WelComm) is charged with welcoming new members of the wiki. It makes sure they know what to do and where to go when they join. They also decide who to welcome by making sure the new users are not vandals or spam bots.

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