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The API project focuses on improving World of Warcraft API-related content, including API reference material, as well as guides and tutorial articles. Because of its wide scope, the project is intended to act as an umbrella over the various sub-topics, providing a common location for API-related discussion.

If you wish to be associated with the project, you can add [[Category:API project members]] to your user page. This is entirely optional, and you're more than welcome to participate in project discussions without declaring membership.

Before contributing API documentation... Edit

WoWWiki has a set of guidelines that concern API pages; you should familiarize with their contents:

The guidelines are intended to act as a guide to improving article quality -- it is up to the individual editors to decide whether adhering to the letter of the guidelines would improve the quality of a particular article.

Current discussions Edit

Titles + short descriptions of topics, linking to a discussion page.


Things to do Edit

Copy the UI portal bubble?

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