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WoWSystem is a WoW Launcher make it possible to

  • send avatar data to a web roster (like WebRoster or WoWRoster)
  • have a package of addons which automatically updates the data.

This software can be also updated automatically (it will propose it to you at each release of a new version)

The default server is on WoWGuilds (Hosting space for WoW Guilds on Bogala.Org), see the AddOns list.

Menu Edit

Project Space Edit

Clients Edit

Servers Edit

Staff Edit

  • Project Leader : Benoit FONTAINE (Taichin)
  • WoWSystem.Net : Benoit FONTAINE (Taichin)
  • JWoWSystem : Benoit FONTAINE (Taichin)
  • Joomla! Component : Benoit FONTAINE (Taichin)

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