WoWSearch is a World of Warcraft meta-search engine. The site has only one page that allows you to use main search engines to search game database, addons, and The Armory.

You can also perform multiple search dividing the subject of your search with the ";" character.

WoWSearch provides 1 tool:

WoWSwitch creates a special Bookmark in your Bookmarks bar that allows you to search the same thing in different website. How does it work? It's simple! You're look for something in Thottbot but there are no comments? You landed in an empty Wowwiki page? Use the bookmark to find the same thing in another search engine! Works with Thottbot, Allakhazam, Wowhead, WowWiki and The Armory. Homepage

Note Edit

Be careful! The correct address is "" with the final ".IT" and not ".COM" or ".ORG". Remember: "WOW! SEARCH IT!" ^_^

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