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Wrath-Logo-Small This article concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King.
Hostile 32 Winterskorn clan
Winterskorn banner
Main leaderIconSmall Vrykul Male Bjorn Halgurdsson
Race(s)IconSmall Vrykul MaleIconSmall Vrykul Female Vrykul
Base of operationsBaleheim, Skorn
Theater of operationsHowling Fjord

The Winterskorn clan or tribe is a very large clan of vrykul that lived in Skorn and Baleheim of the Howling Fjord, one of the lands in Northrend. They are led by Bjorn Halgurdsson.[1]

Notes Edit

  • Baleheim in Howling Fjord is covered in similar red banners claimed to be of Dragonflayer's clan.[citation needed] However it is clearly Winterskorn's land.[citation needed]

References Edit

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