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CombatMobElite 32Winter Revenant
Winter Revenant
Race Ice revenant (Elemental)
Level 81 Elite
Health 234,594 (normal) - 625,584 (heroic)
Mana 81,620
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Ulduar
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Winter Revenant is found in packs with a Winter Rumblers in the Halls of Winter of Ulduar.


  • [Blizzard]—Calls down a blizzard that lasts 6 sec., inflicting 5088 to 5912 Frost damage every 2 sec. to all enemies in a selected area. (Heroic mode) 6475 to 7525 Frost damage.
  • [Shield of the Winter Revenant]—Shields friendly creatures near the Winter Revenant, reducing the damage they take from area of effect attacks by 90%.
  • [Whirling Strike]—Inflicts 50% weapon damage to nearby enemies and knocks them back.

Notable lootEdit

Normal mode
Inv jewelry necklace 18
[Fervor of the Protectorate]
Inv boots chain 07
[Boots of Unsettled Prey]
Inv misc cape 09
[Drape of the Spellweaver]
Inv weapon bow 51
[Golemheart Longbow]
Inv misc cape 09
[Cloak of the Dormant Blaze]
Inv weapon rifle 33
[Mimiron's Repeater]
Inv staff 94
[Pillar of Fortitude]
Inv mace 91
[Bloodcrush Cudgel]
Heroic mode
Inv bracer 31b
[Grips of Chaos]
Inv misc cape 05
[Shroud of Alteration]
Inv jewelry necklace 40
[Pendant of Focused Energies]
Inv jewelry ring 72
[Bladebearer's Signet]
Inv jewelry necklace 15
[Titanstone Pendant]
Inv relics idolofrejuvenation
[Idol of the Flourishing Life]
Inv pants mail 25
[Leggings of the Tortured Earth]
Inv shoulder 101
[Shoulders of Misfortune]

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