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[[File:CliffsofDespair.jpg|thumb|250px|Winds' Edge]]
[[File:CliffsofDespair.jpg|thumb|250px|Winds' Edge]]
[[File:WindsEdge.jpg|thumb|The rappelling line.]]
[[File:WindsEdge.jpg|thumb|The rappelling line.]]
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== External links ==
== External links ==

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Winds' Edge


The rappelling line.

Winds' Edge (orig. Cliffs of Despair) makes up the southern edge of the Valley of the Four Winds beyond the Yan-Zhe River. The high cliffs overlook the Krasarang Wilds, running the length of the Wild Plains and past Stormstout Brewery to the bridge that leads to the Jade Forest. Nesingwary's Safari can be found perched on the western-most corner of the cliffs. One of the world bosses can be found here.

Brave souls can either use the rappelling line[51.2, 77.6] to gain entry to the Wilds, or the sack of grain, which gives a floating buff. Young pandaren sometimes come here on a dare, seeking to prove themselves to their peers.

Within the cliffs is an unnamed cave[70.6, 8.3], accessible from the Krasarang Wilds. Currently it is shown as belonging to the Valley of the Four Winds; this may change later, but for now the mobs are listed below. Another cave, the Dark Hollow, is also accessible from the Wilds, but is considered a part of the Valley.

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