Windrunner Fleet

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The Windrunner Fleet

The four ships of the fleet:
- The Queen's Reprisal at the top
- The Dark Defiance to the bottom right
- The Oblivion to its left
- The Windrunner to the top right corner.

The Windrunner Fleet is a small fleet of Forsaken destroyers led by Captain Harker and made up of The Windrunner, The Oblivion, The Queen's Reprisal, and The Dark Defiance. The Fleet was tricked by the surviving members of the North Fleet and boarded by North Fleet Marines. The Windrunner, The Oblivion, and The Dark Defiance are now being fought over on an island off the Derelict Strand, whilst The Queen's Reprisal was destroyed and is now being salvaged by members of the Alliance. Captain Harker now asks heros of the Horde to help her with the problem, as the Alliance seem to be winning the battle.

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