Not to be confused with William (Death Knight).

William is a human boy that is chased by Donna because he stole her doll, Betsy. They run in Trade District and the borders of Cathedral Square, Old Town, and Dwarven District in Stormwind City.


  • Ha ha, I got Betsy!
  • Crybaby, crybaby!
  • Baby wants her dolly!
  • I have your dolly! Nyah nyah!
  • Oops!


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The tables have been turned, and William is now chasing Donna for stealing his mechanical gorilla.

In popular cultureEdit

In one episode of the Dark Legacy comic strips, William runs up to Miji and laughs because he is taller than him, and he mistakenly calls him a goblin, even though he is a gnome. Miji gets extremely angry, punches William into the sky, gives back Donna's doll, and then comments "I'm exalted with Stormwind now." [1]

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