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Wildhammer dwarves have a new home in Kalimdor. It is located south of Mount Hyjal, in the peaks of the southern mountains within Ashenvale. It’s bitterly cold on their peaks, and they construct homes that are nearly always part cave and part building. Although they do not claim the same love for engineering and architecture as Ironforge dwarves, their constructions are still impressive. They raise their gryphons within a wooded area. The fearsome birdlike creatures prefer the open air, but the natural flying beasts of the land, the hippogryphs and the wyverns, are sensitive to anything intruding on their territory; so the Wildhammer dwarves are careful to raise their gryphons where they can be shielded to keep them from the sharp eyes of would-be attackers. The Wildhammer dwarves report to the night elves anything out of the ordinary they see from their vantage point.[1][2]

Note:Wildhammer peaks is a placeholder name until an official term is given.

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