The Wicked Leather collection is a set of six items which can be crafted by skill level 300 leatherworkers. This is not a true item set, and does not confer any set bonuses. These items are primarily designed for rogues, as they are composed only of Stamina and Agility bonuses. Wicked Leather Gauntlets and Headbands are commonly used by Leatherworkers to skill up from 260 to 300, as they only require the leatherworker to find Rugged Leather.



Night Elf in Wicked Leather Set

Made by
Primary Materials Required
Primary Stats
Wicked Leather Items
Item Slot Armor Agility Stamina Min Lvl Recipe Min Skill
[Wicked Leather Gauntlets] Hands 86 12 11 47 Vendor 260
[Wicked Leather Bracers] Wrist 61 11 5 48 Drop 265
[Wicked Leather Headband] Head 118 16 16 51 Drop 280
[Wicked Leather Pants] Legs 131 29 12 53 Drop 290
[Wicked Leather Armor] Chest 156 25 7 55 Drop 300
[Wicked Leather Belt] Waist 87 13 13 55 Drop 300
Total 639 79 64

References: [1]

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