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The subject of this article or section was part of the Elemental Unrest, a world event that heralded the beginning of the earth-shattering Cataclysm. Once the world event has run its course, this will no longer be available.

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  • What Does 'The End of All Things' Mean for Me?
  • Quest Item
  • <Right Click to Read>

What Does 'The End of All Things' Mean for Me? is a quest item for Prophecies Of Doom.

What Does 'The End of All Things' Mean for Me?

You've no doubt heard the phrase "all good things must come to an end" and so it is with your life on Azeroth. It won't be long before the world erupts into chaos as the elements reclaim their birthright.

Bt you don't have to be afraid during these harrowing times. You don't have to die. We can help you ascend to a new way of life, beyond death, beyond fear, and beyond the powerless of mortality. Join us today.

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