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Welfare Epics
Filters non-usable items from vendors.

What it does Edit

Welfare Epics is a small addon which will filters non-usable items from vendors. It is still in heavy development. The addon has not been released yet.

Official thread

Where to get it Edit

Wowace - Often Beta quality

Curse Gaming - Most updated stable version

WoW UI - Stable version

WoW Interface - Stable version

How to get it to work Edit

You don't have to do anything to get it to work. It will automatically filter/sort upon opening up a vendor window.

Commands Edit

There is no interface, it just works.

Known Issues Edit

All known issues will be kept at the CurseForge tracker.

Please use the CurseForge tracker to file bug reports.

Wish List Edit

Please use the CurseForge tracker to add suggestions and feature requests.

Bug Reporting Edit

Please use the CurseForge tracker to file bug reports.

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