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A consumable item that adds an imbue to a Blunt weapon that temporarily increases Weapon damage and some also increase Critical strike. Most are created with Blacksmithing. As of Patch 2.3, weightstones last 1 hour.

As of Patch 3.0, weightstones can no longer be used on any weapon whose Item Level is higher than 165.

Additional info:

Weightstones Edit

Weightstone Effect Level Source
[Adamantite Weightstone] +12 Weapon damage and +14 Critical strike 60 Blacksmithing 350
[Fel Weightstone] +12 Weapon damage 50 Blacksmithing 300
[Dense Weightstone] +8 Weapon damage 35 Blacksmithing 250
[Solid Weightstone] +6 Weapon damage 25 Blacksmithing 200
[Heavy Weightstone] +4 Weapon damage 15 Blacksmithing 125
[Coarse Weightstone] +3 Weapon damage 5 Blacksmithing 65
[Rough Weightstone] +2 Weapon damage 1 Blacksmithing 1

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