Waterspeaker Gorai is a jinyu waterspeaker found in Inkgill Mere of Kun-Lai Summit.

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Alliance and Horde adventurers were tasked in aiding Gorai to retake his village from the sha-corrupted jinyu, cleansing the mere and fighting the corrupter, Shai Hu.

At some point, Gorai and the Inkgill Jinyu pledged their support to the Alliance. However, he and a group of waterspeakers were captured by the Kor'kron of the True Horde. They were placed in cages in the The Menagerie below Orgrimmar along with other various creatures and races from Pandaria. During the Siege of Orgrimmar, he is freed by a band of heroes who are fighting Thok the Bloodthirsty. He attempts to assist them in their fight by casting a spell at Thok. This only enrages the giant Devilsaur and Gorai is subsequently devoured along with half of his group of Waterspeakers.

Quotes Edit

  • Waterspeaker Gorai yells: Thank you, friends. I will lend what aid I can.

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  • Spell nature giftofthewaterspirit  [Restorative Waters]—Restores 48750 to 51250 health per second.
  • Spell frost ring of frost  [Water of Purity]—Invokes the spirits of the ancient Jinyu water spirits, and attempts to purge all evil and aggression from a target. This ancient incantation has a taunting effect on its victims.

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