Water Elemental (Warcraft III)

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For lore, see water elemental.
Water Elemental
RaceHuman (Water elemental)
Base unitN/A
FactionHuman Alliance
Hit points 525/675/900
Hit point regeneration Always
Hit point regen. rate 0.25 HP/sec.
Life span60 sec.
Unit TypeSummoned
Unit Classified As:Ground
Level 4/5/6
Gold0 WC3gold
Lumber0 WC3lumber
Food0 WC3food
Produced at Archmage
Build time 1 sec.
RequiresSummon Water Elemental
Gold Bounty Awarded 32-46BTNPillage
Transport slots1
Attacking priority 1
Sleeps False
Hotkey W
Normal attack:20/35/45 avg
Can attack:Ground, Structure, Air, Debris, Item, Ward
Attack typePierce
Cooldown1.5 sec.
Weapon typeMissile
Armor TypeFlesh
Defense TypeHeavy (Large)
Day Sight1200
Night Sight800
Movement SpeedSlow (220)
Sound SetWaterElemental

One of the greatest powers of the Archmage is their ability to summon mighty Water Elementals to aid the Alliance warriors in combat. These mindless, hulking forms of water can take massive punishment from enemy units while delivering fierce blows to their enemies. Water Elementals were a favorite tool of the Human Conjurors of the First War, and now they serve in the defense of Humanity once again.

Information Edit

There are 3 Levels of Water Elementals. Water Elementals are summoned, so they will disappear after 60 seconds. Each level of Water Elemental has a different appearance and size. The Level 3 Water Elemental is the largest and is a dark blue color.

Water Elementals cannot be upgraded.

Counters Edit

Water Elementals are Summonable units so players can run away from them until the timer runs out. Another option is to use spells or abilities that damage Summonables such as Abolish Magic, Dispel Magic, Purge, and Wisp's Detonate.

Manual descriptionEdit

Note: The description is very similar to the one found in, but many words are changed.

One of the Archmage's greatest powers is his ability to summon mighty Water elementals to aid his comrades in combat. These mindless, hulking forms of water can take massive punishment from enemy units while delivering tremendous blows in return. Water elementals were a favorite tool of the Conjurors of Azeroth during the First War, and now the enchanted creatures have come to aid the defenders of freedom once again.

World Editor descriptionEdit

Note: Description found in the ability.

Summons a water elemental to attack the Archmage's enemies.

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