Watcher Leesa'oh is a level 65 quest giver located at Cenarion Watchpost[23, 66]
in the contested territory of Zangarmarsh.

She's accompanied by her cat, Buddy.

Lessa'oh seems to dote on Buddy, which apparently hasn't helped with his habit of scratching people. The other Cenarion druids don't seem to mind that Buddy is out of claw's reach.

"Oh, pay no mind to Buddy. He won't hurt you, he just likes to scratch now and then.

He's just a big, loveable kitty.

Aren't you Buddy? Yes, you are, you cute, little thing. You're mommy's little baby, that's what you are!"

She starts the following quests:

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Event Edit

After ending Stealing Back the Mushrooms the following event occurs:

Watcher Leesa'oh says: <Name>, let's go see if this plan will work. Come along, Buddy!

You walk a little ways east of her current location.

Watcher Leesa'oh says: Ok, let's see about using those mushrooms you brought back to grow the bog lords a new food supply.

Leesa'oh plants a giant mushroom.

Watcher Leesa'oh says: Wait and see what happens.

After a few moments a Hungry Bog Lord will appear and move towards the mushroom.

The Hungry Bog Lord takes a piece of the mushroom tree and holds it to its 'nose'. Seemingly satisfied, it eats it!

At this point Buddy, the saber, begins to head back to the camp.

Watcher Leesa'oh says: Oh Buddy, you big baby! Look, it's working. It's really working!! Now all I need to do is grow more of these mushrooms here and the bog lords will likely leave the sporelings alone!
The Hungry Bog Lord uproots the rest of the mushroom tree and makes off with it.
Watcher Leesa'oh says: Oh, thank you, <Name>! You've made it possible to save both the sporelings from the bog lords, and the bog lords from our wrath.

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