Note: This page has to do with the class prior to Mists of Pandaria.

The abilities listed below specified which stances could be uses with which abilities. Also see more warrior tactics.

Many abilities can only be used in a certain stance. The warrior always has one stance active at a time. Switching between stances causes rage loss.

Icon Name Level Description
Ability warrior offensivestance Battle Stance Starts with A balanced combat stance that increases the armor penetration of all of your attacks by 10%.
Ability warrior defensivestance Defensive Stance 10 A defensive combat stance. Decreases damage taken by 10% and damage caused by 5%. Increases threat generated.
Ability racial avatar Berserker Stance 30 An aggressive stance. Critical hit chance is increased by 3% and all damage taken is increased by 5%.

These abilities are available to learn for all Warriors at the appropriate level, regardless of Talents. But some are only available to use in certain stances or situations.

Icon Ability Level Stances Description
Inv axe 01 Strike Starts with All A simple strike that deals 10 to 15 damage. 20 Rage.
Ability warrior charge Charge 3 Battle
All (Protection Tree)*
Charges an enemy, closing the distance between them instantly, generates X rage and stuns it for 1.5 seconds. Cannot be used in combat.
*Protection Tree can choose 3rd-tier talent (Warbringer) to make this available in all stances.
Ability warrior devastate Victory Rush 5 All Instantly attack the target causing X damage and healing you for 20% of your maximum health. Can only be used within 20 sec after you kill an enemy that yields experience or honor. Damage is based on your attack power.
Ability gouge Rend 7 Battle
Wounds the target, making them bleed for X damage over 9 seconds (up to 15 seconds at higher levels). 10 Rage.
Spell nature thunderclap Thunder Clap 9 Battle
Slows nearby enemies' attack speed by 20% for X seconds and deals Y physical damage. 20 Rage.
Spell nature reincarnation Taunt 12 Defensive Taunts the target to attack you, but has no effect if the target is already attacking you.
Ability rogue ambush Heroic Strike 14 All An instant attack that deals additional damage based on Attack Power. 30 Rage.
Inv sword 48 Execute 16 Battle
Attempt to finish off an enemy, causes damage based on Attack Power for 10 rage, and uses up to an additional 20 rage for sufficient power to end the fight. Only usable on opponents under 20% health. 30 Rage max.
Ability warrior sunder Sunder Armor 18 All Sunders the target's armor, reducing it by X per Sunder Armor and causes a high amount of threat. Can be applied up to 3 times. Lasts 30 sec. 15 Rage.
Ability warrior battleshout Battle Shout 20 All A shout that increases the Strength and Agility of all raid and party members within 30 yards. Generates 20 Rage. Lasts 2 min.
Inv sword 05 Overpower 22 Battle Only usable after opponent dodges. Deals 125% weapon damage, and cannot be avoided by dodge/parry/block. 5 Rage.
Ability warrior cleave Cleave 24 All Deals normal damage + X to both your opponent and its nearest ally on your next swing. 30 Rage
Ability shockwave Hamstring 26 Battle
Slows target's movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds. 10 Rage.
Ability defend Shield Block 28 Defensive Increases your chance to block by 25% for 10 sec. If the total block chance exceeds 100%, the chance to critically block is increased by the excess. 10 Rage.
Ability warrior disarm Disarm 34 Defensive Disarms your opponent for 10 seconds. 15 Rage.
Ability whirlwind Whirlwind 36 Berserker Causes 65% of weapon damage from both equipped melee weapons to all enemies within 8 yards. 25 Rage.
Inv gauntlets 04 Pummel 38 Battle
Interrupts spellcasting and preventing any spell in that school from being cast for 6 sec. 10 Rage.
Ability warrior revenge Revenge 40 Defensive Instant counterattack immediately after you dodge, block or parry. Deals X damage. 5 Rage.
Ability golemthunderclap Intimidating Shout 42 All The warrior shouts, causing up to 5 enemies within 8 yards to flee in fear. Lasts 8 sec. 25 Rage
Ability warrior decisivestrike Slam 44 All Deals weapon damage + X.
Ability bullrush Challenging Shout 46 All Forces all enemies within 6 yards to focus their attacks on you for 6 sec. 5 Rage.
Ability warrior shieldwall Shield Wall 48 Defensive Reduces all damage taken by 40% for 12 seconds.
Ability rogue sprint Intercept 50 Berserker
All (Protection Tree)*
Charge an enemy, causing X Physical damage and stunning it for 3 seconds.
*Protection Tree can choose 3rd-tier talent (Warbringer) to make this available in all stances.
Ability warrior warcry Demoralizing Shout 52 All Reduces the attack power of all nearby enemies by 10% for 30 secs. 10 Rage.
Spell nature ancestralguardian Berserker Rage 54 All Removes and grants immunity to Fear, Sap and Incapacitate effects. Generates extra rage when taking damage. 10 sec duration.
Ability warrior challange Retaliation 62 Battle Instantly counter-attack the next 20 melee attacks for 12 seconds (excludes attacks from behind).
Ability criticalstrike Recklessness 64 Berserker All special ability attacks have a 50% chance to critically hit, but damage taken is increased by 20%. Lasts 12 seconds.
Ability warrior shieldreflection Spell Reflection 64 Battle
Raise your shield, reflecting the next spell cast on you within 5 sec. 15 Rage
Ability warrior rallyingcry Commanding Shout 68 All Increases maximum health of all party and raid members within 30 yards by X. Lasts 2 min. Generates 20 Rage.
Ability warrior victoryrush Intervene 72 Defensive
All (Protection Tree)*
Run at high speed towards a party member, intercepting the next melee or ranged attack made against them and reducing their threat by 10%.
*Protection Tree can choose 3rd-tier talent (Warbringer) to make this available in all stances. 10 Rage.
Ability warrior shatteringthrow Shattering Throw 74 Battle Throws your weapon at the enemy causing X damage (based on attack power), reducing the armor on the target by 20% for 10 sec or removing any invulnerabilities. 25 Rage.
Ability warrior focusedrage Enraged Regeneration 76 All You regenerate 30% of your total health over 10 sec. This ability requires an Enrage effect, consumes all Enrage effects and prevents any from affecting you for the full duration.
Inv axe 66 Heroic Throw 80 All Throw your melee weapon at a target causing X damage (based on attack power) and causing a high amount of threat.
Ability warrior colossussmash Colossus Smash 81 Battle
Smashes a target for weapon damage plus X, and allows subsequent attacks to penetrate all of the target’s armor for 6 sec. 20 Rage.
Warrior talent icon innerrage Inner Rage 83 All Reduces the cooldown of Heroic Strike and Cleave by 50% for 15 sec.
Ability heroicleap Heroic Leap 85 All Leap to an area in a 8-40 yards radius, dealing AoE damage (based on attack power) on all enemy targets within 8 yards of landing area.
Icon Ability Reqs Stances Description
Ability rogue slicedice Sweeping Strikes Arms 20 All Your next 5 melee attacks strike an additional nearby opponent.
Ability warrior savageblow Mortal Strike Sweeping Strikes 1
Arms 30
All A vicious strike that deals weapon damage plus X and wounds the target, reducing the effectiveness of any healing by 50% for 10 sec.
Ability warrior bladestorm Bladestorm Arms 50 All Instantly whirlwind all nearby targets and for the next 6 sec you will perform one whirlwind attack every 1 sec. While under the effects of Bladestorm, you can move but cannot perform any other abilities but you do not feel pity or remorse or fear and you cannot be stopped unless you are killed.
Icon Ability Reqs Stances Description
Spell shadow deathscream Piercing Howl Fury 10 All Causes all enemies near the warrior to be dazed for 6 sec.
Spell shadow deathpact Death Wish Fury 20 All When activated, increases your physical damage by 20% and makes you immune to Fear effects, but increases all damage taken by 5%. Lasts 30 sec.
Spell nature bloodlust Bloodthirst Death Wish 1
Fury 30
All Instantly attack the target causing damage equal to 45% of your attack power. In addition, the next 5 successful melee attacks will restore X health. This effect lasts 8 seconds.
Ability heroicleap Heroic Fury Fury 40 All Removes any Immobilization effects and refreshes the cooldown of your Intercept ability.
Ability warrior rampage Rampage Bloodthirst 1
Fury 40
All Your melee critical hits cause you to go on a rampage, increasing ranged and melee critical hit chance of all party and raid members within 45 yds by 5%. Lasts 10 sec.
Ability warrior titansgrip Titan's Grip Fury 50 All Allows you to equip two-handed axes, maces and swords in one hand. While you have a two-handed weapon equipped in one hand, your physical damage done is reduced by 10%.
Icon Ability Reqs Stances Description
Spell holy ashestoashes Last Stand Protection 10 All When activated, this ability temporarily grants you 30% of your maximum hit points for 20 seconds. After the effect expires, the hit points are lost.
Ability thunderbolt Concussion Blow Protection 20 All Stuns the opponent for 5 sec.
Ability warrior vigilance Vigilance Conc. Blow 1
Protection 30
All Focuses your protective gaze on a group or raid target, reducing their damage taken by 3% and transferring 10% of the threat they cause to you. In addition, each time they are hit by an attack, the cooldown on your Taunt ability is refreshed. Lasts 30 min. This effect can only be on one target at a time.
Inv sword 11 Devastate Protection 40 All Sunder the target's armor causing the Sunder Armor effect. In addition, causes 100% of weapon damage plus X for each application of Sunder Armor on the target. The Sunder Armor effect can stack up to 5 times.
Ability warrior shockwave Shockwave Protection 50 All Sends out a wave of force, dealing damage and stunning all enemies in a frontal cone for 4 seconds.
Aggro management

Aggro control is a key part of being a Warrior, and abilities to aid this come in two types:

  • Threat
    • Many Warrior abilities, in addition to their stated purpose, cause various amounts of threat, an underlying in-game statistic which is used by enemies to determine which party member they will attack.
    • In group work, the tanking Warrior is different in that they actually want to cause as much threat as possible. Warriors engaged in high damage output, on the other hand, want to avoid causing too much threat.
    • High Threat: Sunder Armor, Heroic Strike, Shield Slam, Devastate, Revenge, Thunder Clap
    • Low Threat: Slam, Rend, Hamstring, et al.
    • Good threat management is tricky, but essential for instance work as a Warrior. Without managing threat, one can pull the mob off the tank if you are DPSing, or lose aggro on the mob if tanking.
  • Taunt
    • In addition to threat specials, the Warrior has several temporary instant aggro abilities:
    • Taunt forces a target to attack you for a time. Challenging Shout has the same effect on all enemies in range.
    • It is important to note that Challenging Shout causes little threat itself, and the enemy will return to its original target when it expires unless new threat is generated using other abilities. Taunt works differently by generating just enough threat to place the Warrior at the top of the enemy's hate list, making it much easier to prevent the enemy from switching back to its original target so long as additional threat generating abilities are used.
    • Note that currently none of the Taunt type abilities work in PvP, and Blizzard has stated that these abilities will not work on non-aggressive pets, guardians, and minions. If set on Aggressive by the opposing player, these combat companions can be taunted. This is unlike the Rogue's [Distract] which works just fine even on non-aggressive combat companions.
    • In addition, Intimidating Shout fears everything in its radius that isn't the target. This can be quite dangerous, but can also buy time for a hasty escape or avoid taking on more than one enemy at a time. The target will cower in fear, immobilized for the duration of the shout, but will be freed upon taking any damage. That is, if you intend to use the ability to escape combat, you should remember to stop attacking the moment before you activate it to prevent disrupting the effect.
    • See Tanking

Warriors gain access to certain counterattacks, namely Overpower and Revenge. This requires you to be quick to react.

Damage over Time

Warriors have access to a nice DoT ability, Rend. This DoT should, as all DoTs, be applied in combats where the DoT will have time to work.


Warriors have two long duration buffs, although they last only two minutes (three if correctly talented). Battle Shout increases attack power and Commanding Shout increases maximum health, and both of these apply to everyone in the warrior's group inside 30 yards. These buffs require rage, and since warriors don't generate rage out of combat, they cannot prepare it before fights (except if he uses Bloodrage). Although they have a limited amount of long term buffs compared to priests and druids, they can also gain very strong short timed buffs such as Flurry, which increases attack speed by 25% score each time the warrior scores a critical strike (fury talent) or Enrage, which increases all damage done by the warrior by 25%, activates when the warrior receives a critical strike (fury talent). All those small buffs lasts under 15 seconds, but makes the warrior a very powerful character in combat.


Warriors have access to quite a few debuffs, everything from enemy attack-speed reduction (Thunder Clap), attack power reduction (Demoralizing Shout, Disarm) and movement speed reduction (Hamstring) to spell interruption (Shield Bash, Pummel) and armor reduction (Sunder Armor).
In addition, Charge and Intercept could also be considered debuffs, since they stun the enemy.

Direct Damage

Warriors deal direct damage with Cleave, Execute, Heroic Strike, Intercept, Shield Slam and Slam.


Warriors can protect themselves or others with Shield Wall, Shield Block, Last Stand, Concussion Blow, and Intervene.


Shouts generally buff or debuff multiple targets. Because of this, shouts should be used frequently but judiciously.

Certain Warrior abilities require the player to use them within a given window of opportunity. This means that extra attention needs to be paid to the hotbar, and the enemy's actions. These fall into two types:


These hotkeys will light up when a certain condition has been met. The Warrior then has a second or two to use the ability, or it will go dark and the moment has been lost. It is worth using them whenever possible, as they either do a lot of damage, or use much less Rage than a normal attack.
Overpower - After a target Dodges.
Revenge - After a self Dodge, Block or Parry.
Execute - When target's remaining health is below 20%.

(The Revenge condition can be forced by using Shield Block beforehand. This will almost guarantee a self Block on the next enemy attack, and light up Revenge.)


These hotkeys are available whenever the Warrior has sufficient Rage, but are best kept for certain situations, as they will interrupt the enemy's spells. This takes some practice to get right, but can massively reduce the effort it takes to kill the enemy, either by preventing incoming damage, or stopping them healing themselves or allies.
Shield Bash - Use when enemy caster begins casting.
Pummel - As Shield Bash.
The casting charge-up noise and glowing hands effect used to be difficult to describe, but now there is an interface option to show an enemies casting bar, and the ability to silence or interrupt right before channeling completes.


Spell Reflection - Used to reflect an enemy spell back on themselves. As for interrupts this is best kept for certain situations - eg when a high damage or Crowd Control spell is being cast on you.

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