Warpwood Moss Flayer is a 51-53 Treant that can be found in Felwood.

Drops Edit

BattlemastergossipiconItem Level Drop%
Inv misc gem bloodstone 02 [Blood Amber]Availablequesticon0458%
Inv misc herb 08 [Heart of the Wild]4595%
Inv mushroom 05 [Dried King Bolete]5547%
Inv enchant shardradientsmall [Corrupted Soul Shard]Availablequesticon135%
Inv potion 01 [Morning Glory Dew]5522%
Inv potion 54 [Major Healing Potion]5513%
Spell nature abolishmagic [Living Essence]559%
Inv potion 74 [Superior Mana Potion]517%
Inv misc herb 10 [Silverleaf]55%
Inv misc herb 13 [Arthas' Tears]445%
Inv misc herb 12 [Fadeleaf]325%
Inv misc flower 02 [Peacebloom]55%
Inv misc herb 19 [Firebloom]414%
Inv misc herb 07 [Earthroot]54%
Inv misc root 01 [Briarthorn]154%
Inv jewelry talisman 03 [Mageroyal]104%
Inv misc flower 03 [Wintersbite]394%
Inv mushroom 08 [Ghost Mushroom]474%
Inv misc herb 16 [Gromsblood]504%
Inv misc herb 01 [Bruiseweed]204%
Inv misc root 02 [Liferoot]304%
Inv misc herb 08 [Khadgar's Whisker]374%
Inv misc herb 14 [Blindweed]474%
Inv misc herb 17 [Purple Lotus]424%
Inv misc herb 04 [Swiftthistle]154%
Inv scroll 02 [Scroll of Strength III]503%
Inv scroll 02 [Scroll of Agility III]502%
Inv scroll 01 [Scroll of Spirit IV]552%
Inv misc herb 11 [Stranglekelp]202%
Inv scroll 07 [Scroll of Protection IV]552%

Availablequesticon Quest items dropped by Warpwood Moss Flayer

Also 3 random Uncommon item drops

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