Inv scroll 08


This item is provided for Neutral 15 [60D] Urok Doomhowlω τ ϖ.

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Oh, I am cursed! Once a great ogre mage of the Spirestone clan, I challenged Urok Doomhowl and he stole my magic and cursed me. Now, I must walk the halls of Hordemar as this wretched creature!

Aid me! Face Urok and steal back my magic! It will not be easy, for Urok stays in the shadows and can only be summoned through a great challenge.

That challenge will be the death of his most trusted aid, Highlord Omokk.

Read on, and you will see.

Highlord Omokk rules the Spirestones, but he does so through Urok's magic. Urok charmed Omokk with a spell that can strike dead any ogre who challenges him. He has used that spell many times, and keeps the skulls of his victims in a pile, in a place of power above Omokk's chamber.

That is where you must go to face Urok.

Find a roughshod pike among the Scarshield camps. They often stack them by their bed mats near the entrance to the Spirestone ogre's domain.

When you have the pike, charge your way to Highlord Omokk. Kill him, and place his head on the pike.

Then you will be ready for your real challenge.

Go to the place of power above the Spirestone domain, beyond the Skitterweb Tunnels. At that place are piled the skulls of Urok's enemies and rivals. It is here where you must drive the pike with Omokk's head!

When the head is in place, Urok is sure to come... but first he will send his minions against you. Defeat them, and in time Urok himself will be summoned.

Kill Urok and retrieve my magic. With my powers returned, I will reward you.

Luck to you. And here is a clue that may help in your trials against Urok's minions:

The spell Omokk uses against the ogres, the one that strikes them dead, may still have power after you kill Omokk. During your fight with Urok's minions, invoke the power in Omokk's head -- with luck, Omokk will strike down Urok's minions!

Fitting irony.

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