Warmaster Blackhorn is the sixth boss to appear in the Dragon Soul raid.[1]


Though once vast in number, only a few dozen twilight dragons now remain. Astride these hardened survivors are the last vestiges of the Twilight's Hammer's army: the elite drake riders of Deathwing's personal escort. Led by the insidious Warmaster Blackhorn, they move with unholy purpose, driven to protect their dark master.


Vengeance-He deals more damage the lower his health is,forcing DPS to increase as he is closer to death.

Devastate-Causes a Sunder Armor effect on Main aggro,reducing armor by 20% per application. Stacks.

Shockwave- 22,000 damage plus 2 second stun to all players in front of him.Cloth wearers should stay behind him.

Disrupting Roar- 11,000 damage to the raid plus 8 second spell interrupt to all players within 10 yards. Spellcasters\healers should stay far away from him.


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Notes Edit

He wears Heroic difficulty Colossal Dragonplate Armor.


10-Man HeroicEdit


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