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From 0. Warlock Talents 201 | 2006-08-26 00:23 by Sert < Section One > Archimonde:

The Warlock is an extremely diverse class with three great talent trees that offer a multitude of playing styles. You can watch your opponents squirm as you slowly but surely drain their life away with your DoTs, you can quickly blast through any opponents health with the power of your crits, or you can become so hard to kill that people would sooner leave you alone than waste their time killing you. It's all up to you to decide the type of Warlock you'll become.

This post is here to summarize what each talent build can do for you. If you want an in depth explanation of what each talent brings to the table and how to maximize your points you've come to the wrong place, look for Maso's threads. It's really just here to give examples of what some of the most popular talent builds are.

Leveling Builds Edit

Raiding Builds Edit

  • Demonic Tactics / Ruin : (0 / 40 / 21)
    The primary purpose of the MD/Ruin build is so you can continue to DPS even after other builds would normally pull aggro. All that DT/Ruin does is advance this idea into the Burning Crusade. With the new modifications to the Demonology tree you'll be able to get some pretty nice damage buffs, all while lowering your aggro more than ever. The only real issue I see is that these new buffs are only minor changes when compared to the damage newer builds are able to produce. If you take into account the new Soul Shatter than the only real benefit to using this build, I can think of, is that you won't ruin the raid bosses positioning by temporarily pulling aggro. Unless there are some bosses in the Burning Crusade where positioning is crucial and aggro is an issue I wouldn't recommend using this build. If you're PvPing with this build I'd advise having points in Improve Succubus because I think it’s great for capturing flags, but I could see the points going into Fel Domination and Master Summoner instead. On a final note, using this build to solo with has definite drawbacks. The one thing for solo that it has going for it is Demonic Sacrifice, which provides health regeneration and decreased down time. The drawback, obviously, is that you lose out on having a pet as well as any damage and utility they may provide.

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From 1. Warlock Talents 201 | 2006-08-26 00:23 by Sert < Section One > Archimonde:

Player Vs Player Edit

  • Nightfall / Shadowfury : (18 / 0 / 43)
    What's better than NF/Conf for PvP? NF/SF! The primary issue I ran into while designing this build was where to spec those high-end Destruction talents. I mean there's so many new things to choose from that are good. In the end, it was a toss up between Backlash, Nether Protection, Emberstorm, and Soul Leech which all seem like really solid talents for PvP. I imagine it'll take some serious tweaking before we figure out the optimum mix of these talents, and even after that it will all come down to personal preference. For serious fun however, nothing quite beats seeing big numbers pop up as you crit with spell after spell. To that end you have a wide variety of fast casting damage spells, Immolate, Nightfall, Conflagrate, Backlash, Death Coil, Shadowfury, Shadowburn...need I say more? Well I will anyway, now not only do your spells deal massive damage but you regenerate health with Soul Leech, I mean is this even fair? As for PvE, while killing things solo you'll find yourself drinking all too often. For raids it'll probably be a decent damage dealer, but you'd better always make sure you have 2 soul shards for Soul Shatter.
  • Felguards "R" US : (? / 41+ / ?)
    What is there not to like about the Felguard for PvP? First off, he's at the bottom of a talent tree full of things that just make you flat out harder to kill. A talent tree that provides you with more stamina, bigger healthstones, more intellect, more armor, more resistances, increased damage reduction, and that's not even getting into the damage bonuses or the buffs to your pets: Who will hit harder, last longer, and cast more all while providing a unique buff to the both of you while active. It's hard to say how this build will do in PvE, as it has no means to increase health and mana regeneration, but I imagine your Felguard will be enough to make up the difference. He can take quite a beating, and at the same time do enough damage to maintain aggro as long as you don't try to go all out on whatever he's fighting. His personal dps as well as damage bonuses could be pretty helpful for raids, but there'll be plenty of encounters where you'll be limited to using an Imp. All in all I think it's a pretty solid build, but I think PvP is the realm where it really shines.
    A list of Felguard talents and abilities (at the bottom of the linked page)
  • Heavy Destruction : (? / ? / 41+)
    For the little pyro in all of us. Although I personally prefer NF/SF this build gives it a run for its money. With this builds focus on fire damage the imp becomes a welcome companion, add in the new Incinerate, and it's only gotten stronger. Through talent buffs and Curse of Elements your Imp can punch out some seriously effective damage. As with the NF/SF build posted earlier, I'm really struggling with where to invest talent points at the late end of the destruction tree. They all look so juicy. Your strategy is pretty much the same no matter what you're fighting, burn baby burn! The primary hold up to the build though, is in it's longevity. While soloing you'll find yourself drinking constantly as you blast your way through opponents, and while raiding you'll need to use Soul Shatter pretty consistently unless you plan on being resurrected regularly. To top that off most bosses in MC and BWL are highly resistant to fire damage and a lot of them are just flat out immune. If you've moved on to AQ40 and Naxx, however, you'll probably do fine as far as damage goes. You may have to learn to pace yourself because of aggro and mana constraints. The good news though, is that most fights in PvP won't last long enough for mana to become an issue.

I hope this has given you a better understanding of what the Warlock is capable of as a class. It's a great class with a wide range of abilities. The talent builds I've posted here are in no way etched in stone, they're all just examples of how the basic builds should be. What you do with your Warlock is entirely up to you, and who knows, maybe you'll surprise us all.

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