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A master of shadow magic who specializes in drains and damage-over-time spells.
- Official description
Stat priority
  • Intellect
  • Hit Rating (15%)
  • Haste Rating
  • Mastery Rating
  • Critical Strike Rating

Unstable Affliction


Drain Soul

Icon Ability Min Level
Spell shadow unstableaffliction 3 [Unstable Affliction] 10
Spell shadow haunting [Drain Soul] 19
Spell warlock soulburn [Soulburn] 19
Spell shadow rainoffire [Rain of Fire] 21
Spell shadow lifedrain [Soulburn: Health Funnel] 27
Spell shadow grimward [Curse of Exhaustion] 32
Spell shadow curseofsargeras [Agony] 36
Ability warlock everlastingaffliction [Malefic Grasp] 42
Spell shadow twilight [Nightfall] 54
Icon Ability Min Level
Spell shadow seedofdestruction [Seed of Corruption] 60
Ability warlock haunt [Haunt] 62
Spell shadow seedofdestruction [Soulburn: Seed of Corruption] 62
Spell shadow possession [Improved Fear] 69
Spell shadow curseofachimonde [Soulburn: Curse] 73
Ability warlock soulswap [Soul Swap] 79
Ability warlock jinx [Mastery: Potent Afflictions] 80
Spell warlock demonsoul [Dark Soul: Misery] 84
Spell shadow demoniccircleteleport [Soulburn: Demonic Circle: Teleport] 86

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