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Warcraft movie images Edit

Warcraft movie tumblr

Some of these have been replaced with larger sources (Chinese versions, Blizzplanet, etc.).

Character posters

Some of these have been replaced with larger sources (Chinese versions, Blizzplanet, etc.).

June 8, 2016 Fan First Event, San Francisco

From Fandyllic of items from IMAX 3D Fan First Event at AMC Metreon, San Francisco.

May 2016 Worldwide Premiere, France


May 2016 Visits to ILM

Mostly from and /FILM.

May 2016 Press Set Tour

Mostly from Icon-twitter-22x22 @ManMadeMoon.

On set photos

Mostly from Icon-twitter-22x22 @ManMadeMoon.


Fan images

Icon-twitter-22x22 @QuassRPG character promo JPGs
Icon-twitter-22x22 @QuassRPG meet the heroes GIFs
Icon-twitter-22x22 @QuassRPG zone promo GIFs
Still looking for GIFs for Redridge and Stormwind City.

PAX East 2016

From Icon-twitter-22x22 @ManMadeMoon (Duncan Jones).

Legendary's Warcraft Experience in China

From Icon-twitter-22x22 @QuassRPG.

Joy City mall (Chengdu, China)

Sample character descriptions?

Screen captures from official teaser

BlizzCon 2015

Empire magazine, Dec 2015 - Apocalypse WoW

SDCC 2015

Circa BlizzCon 2014

Props seen at BlizzCon 2014

SDCC 2014

Circa BlizzCon 2013

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