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Warchief's Command Boards can be found at any major Horde quest hub in Azeroth. It offers level-appropriate quests for all zones. The equivalent billboard for the Alliance is the Hero's Call Board, found in all their major capitals.

Quests Edit

Kalimdor quests Edit

Command Boards in Kalimdor capital cities:

Orgrimmar-only quests Edit

Valley of Honor and Valley of Strength

Thunder Bluff-only quests Edit

None specific to Thunder Bluff.

Eastern Kingdoms quests Edit

Command Boards in Eastern Kingdoms capital cities:

Undercity-only quests Edit

Silvermoon City-only quests Edit

Tarren Mill-only quests Edit

Only contains the following quest:

Dalaran and Northrend quests Edit

Only contains the following quest:

Patches and hotfixes Edit

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Valley of Strength
Valley of Honor
Thunder Bluff Undercity Silvermoon City Hillsbrad Foothills
Tarren Mill
Sunreaver's Sanctuary

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