Neutral 64 The following NPCs can be found on the Wandering Isle.

Quest givers/enders Quest Avail 16x16Edit

Chamber of Whispers
Dai-Lo Farmstead
Fe-Fang Village
Fu's Pond
Morning Breeze Lake
Forlorn Hut
Skyfire Crash-Site
Shang Xi Training Grounds
Shrine of Inner-Light
Singing Pools
Liang's Retreat
Temple of Five Dawns
Wood of Staves
Wu-Song Village

Class trainers MiniIcon ClassTrainerEdit

There are currently no class trainers on the Wandering Isle.

Profession (Tradeskill) trainers TrainergossipiconEdit

Merchants Npc bag on 16x16Edit

Dai-Lo Farmstead
Mandori Village
Singing Pools
Temple of Five Dawns
Wu-Song Village

Services MiniIcon FlightMasterInngossipiconMiniIcon StableMasterEdit

There are currently no services offered on the Wandering Isle.

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