Wall-walking is a method of utilizing a game's physics in such a way to bypass almost any obstacle.

Controversy Edit

Wall-walking has long been a popular method to reach unfinished content that is not accessible via normal or intended transportation or movement. Players who enjoy exploration often utilize wall-walking to reach areas that are either unfinished or were developed as eye-candy. Blizzard removed a popular form of wall-walking in patch 1.1, although variations of the technique are still usable.

Destinations Edit

The following are popular destinations for adventurous wall-walkers:

Trivia Edit

  • Wall-walking can be used by stealth classes to pick up and turn in the now defunct Serpentshrine Attunement quest solo.
  • Since patch 2.1, various unfinished areas now apply a debuff to the player called No Man's Land, teleporting them out of the area.
  • Any object that leans away from a player can still be wall-walked with certain techniques.

Patch 2.4 Edit

As of patch 2.4, Blizzard made an undocumented change to the game's physics, practically disabling wall-walking completely. Although certain methods may or may not remain to some extent, the ability to wall-walk has been diminished significantly if not completely disabled since the release of patch 2.4. Easier to reach areas that do not require extensive or complex wall-walking to reach may still be accessible.

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