Wailing Mary Smitts is a worgen who is found aboard the The Riptide in the Cape of Stranglethorn.[0, 0]

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Before the Shattering ever occurred, Mary and the Brashtide Crew were originally part of the Blackwater Raiders that had recently went missing and the pirates of Booty Bay believed they have been killed by the Bloodsail Buccaneers. In truth, Mary and the crew were in the kingdom of Gilneas and had been arrested and locked away by Genn Greymane, the proud king of this region. They remained under lock and key until a strange curse came and turned nearly all of Gilneas' population into the feral worgen. Mary and the entire Brashtide crew were also turned, but were later cured by Krennan Aranas.

During the time when the borders of Gilneas were opened, Mary and the Brashtide Worgen sought their way out of the kingdom when the Forsaken had launched their invasion under the command of Sylvanas Windrunner. She successfully escaped with the crew and ventured down south to the Cape of Stranglethorn which had recently suffered from the effects of the Shattering caused by Deathwing. Rather than rejoining the Blackwater Raiders, Mary and the Brashtide crew defected and allied the Bloodsail Buccaneers. Mary's ultimate goal was to assist the Bloodsail pirates in attacking Booty Bay from the north until she awaited the signal.


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During the time when the Burning Legion had launched its third invasion to the world of Azeroth, Mary Smitts and the Brashtide Worgen crew joined the The Uncrowned and learned to become Rogues in order to stand against the might of the Burning Shadow that had occupied the Broken Isles. Stationed in the city of Dalaran, Mary is found in the secret Hall of Shadows and had been having a chat with Deathstalker Commander Belmont in the bar.

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