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Icon-wowus-22x22 Vrakthris
RoleCS Forum Representative
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"Did I put on some Axe body spray? :D"

Vrakthris is a Blizzard Entertainment employee and forum poster on the US World of Warcraft Customer Service Forum.[1] He is one of the "original" Customer Service Forum posters, alongside Caerrus, Pavonum, Batta, Kaone, and Berghe. He buys his shoes at Hoofmart.[2]

Vrakthris is an Oceanic player (as well as other CS Blues Belfaire, Reythur, and Aredek).[3]

His shift: 2PM - 11PM PDT (4PM - 1AM CDT)[4] He works out of the Irvine, California office.[5]


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