Zereketh the Unbound

Zekereth the Unbound

Voidwraiths are a slender type of voidwalker. Voidwraiths seem to be more rare than other voidwalkers and rarely talk. They can be found in Netherstorm and on the Isle of Quel'Danas. Zereketh the Unbound is a good example of a voidwraith.



"Arcane voidwraiths"Edit

Vexallus, Anomalus, and Arcanimus are elemental creatures that have a similar body shape to voidwraiths. They are sometimes called "arcane voidwraiths" for this reason, but there is no indication that they have any affiliation with the Void. More likely they are arcane elementals or possibly a type of mana surge.

In Warcraft IIIEdit


In Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, voidwalkers were portrayed as slender. In World of Warcraft, they are much bulkier. Voidwraiths may be the type seen in The Frozen Throne or be inspired by this incarnation.

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