Wing Commander Vipore is a level 59-84 elite night elf druid serving as senior wing commander of the Stormpike Guard in Alterac Valley. At the beginning of each match, he is held prisoner in Frostwolf Village. He is in the second hut to the right if you follow the path through the village entrance; this hut is guarded by the level 70 elite Jotek.


When freed, he accepts turn-ins of Frostwolf Lieutenant's Medals. It takes sixty (60) Frostwolf Lieutenant's Medals to be able to be ordered to strike and he will attack lower Frostwolf Village or you can plant a beacon.

See also: Vipore's Gryphon


  • Like with all the wing commanders in Alterac Valley, Vipore's name is a reference to a character in the movie Top Gun, in this case the character "Viper" played by Tom Skerritt.


  • Senior Wing Commander Vipore launching. Pray for a swift death, Frostwolf.

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