Vinny Slapchop[29.6, 65.2]
is a rather unscrupulous goblin vendor that can be found outside the First Bank of Kezan in Kezan, selling little pieces of memorabilia while Kezan is being destroyed. After players loot the bank during the quest The Great Bank Heist he can no longer be found, so it is wise to buy his items from him before then, as he is the only one in the game to sell them.


Name Lvl Type Cost
Inv stone 13 [Kezanite]1Junk1Gold 60Silver
Inv stone 06 [Mount Kajaro Keepsake]1Junk80Copper
Inv stone 11 [Slap Rock]1Junk2Silver 40Copper
Inv stone 08 [Undermine Remnant]1Junk1Silver 60Copper

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