The high elf Veth'talia the fighting sorceress was known as much for her combat abilities as her mastery of the arcane arts. She created several special items to aid her career as a fighting spellcaster. One of these items was a special vial made of virtually unbreakable glass, filled with a clear liquid, the Enchanted Vial of Veth'talia. It could magically fill with a blue or red elixir (the blue elixir would replace mana, and the red elixir heal wounds). Another of the items created by the high elf Veth'talia during her career as a fighting spellcaster was the, Jade Ring of Veth'talia, made of purest jade (it causes the wearer's eyes to change to a deep, rich, almost glittering green.). Among her most prized possessions was the Enchanted Shield of Veth'talia.[1]

References Edit

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