Verdantine Tree Warder is a level 60 elite dragonkin mob located in The Hinterlands. It roams Seradane, guarding the portal to the Emerald Dream. The portal is inactive however, so running through it or clicking on it currently does nothing. Verdantine Tree Warders are always accompanied by a Verdantine Oracle plus either another Vertantine Tree Warder or a Verdantine Boughguard.


  • Spell nature stranglevines Entangling Roots - Entangles nearby enemies in roots, inflicting Nature damage every 3 sec. and immobilizing them for up to 15 sec.
  • Spell nature faeriefire Faerie Fire - Reduces an enemy's armor for 1 min. While affected, the target cannot use stealth or invisibility.

Notable dropsEdit

Spell shadow antimagicshell [Fragment of the Nightmare's Corruption] (Quest item)

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