Venomspite is a Forsaken town in eastern Dragonblight.

Here, the Hand of Vengeance are continuing their plague experiments, and Horde players are sent here by a special flight path that requires you to have finished the primary quest chains at New Agamand in Howling Fjord and to be level 71.

To the north lies the equivalent questing hub of the Alliance called Wintergarde Keep.

Venomspite has the same typical architecture found within Vengeance Landing and other Forsaken outposts in the Howling Fjord.



Venomspite, seen from the northeastern entrance.

  • Inn
  • Mailbox
  • Flight Master
  • Stable Master
  • Equipment Repair
  • Trade Goods
  • General Goods
  • Forge & Anvil
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Travel ConnectionsEdit

Horde 15 Agmar's Hammer in Dragonblight
Horde 15 Apothecary Camp in Howling Fjord
Horde 15 New Agamand in Howling Fjord
Neutral 15 Moa'ki in Dragonblight



Plague experiments with the "blight".

Venomspite Cuckoo clock

Venomspite Cuckoo clock

Other Characters

Quests Edit


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