Vengeance Wake

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The Vengeance Wake

The Vengeance Wake[12.9, 63.4] is the flagship of the Alliance fleet that sits just off the coast of the Alliance Beachhead on the Lost Isles. The Alliance hold the Horde's "precious cargo" here; goblin players are sent to secure it, only to find "it" is the former Warchief, Thrall. Thrall unleashes the fury of the elements against the ships and leaves them in shattered ruin.

During the second phase, after Thrall's release, all the mobs aboard the ship are dead.




  • Players reach the ship via a Gyrochoppa during the quest Precious Cargo and leave via the powers of Thrall.
  • If players fall of the side of the boat, there is an interactive ladder they can use to get back aboard.

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