The Vekh'nir are a group of arakkoa found at Trogma's Claim and Veil Vekh in Blade's Edge Mountains.

They have been benign for many years, but now something has stirred them. They have been a thorn in Mok'Nathal's sides for many years. Some strange religion guides them, a religion which has them in a frenzy of activity. They carry some crystals with them now, which they have turned to some dark purpose. Some of their rituals consist on taking the crystals to their spell circles to infuse them.[1]

They have enslaved a group of ogres in the caverns known as Trogma's Claim and their leader, Vekh is in there.[2]

Known membersEdit

Neutral 15IconSmall Ogre Male Trogma Ogre leader Killable Trogma's Claim, Blade's Edge Mountains
Neutral 15IconSmall Arakkoa Vekh Leader Killable Trogma's Claim, Blade's Edge Mountains



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