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Varlan Highbough[44.6, 88.8] is a night elf vendor associated with the Guardians of Hyjal. He first appears after players have completed unlocking both factions via Druids of the Talon and The Shadow Wardens. While his items are viewable at this stage, they are only purchasable after players complete his quest, Calling the Ancients.


Vendor informationEdit

Item Type Price
[Spirit Fragment Band] Ring 101Gold 45Silver 8Copper
[Nemesis Shell Band] Ring 101Gold 45Silver 8Copper
[Lylagar Horn Ring] Ring 101Gold 45Silver 8Copper
[Relic of Lo'Gosh] Relic 101Gold 99Silver 50Copper
[Relic of Tortolla] Relic 105Gold 93Silver 20Copper
[Lancer's Greaves] Mail Feet 152Gold 52Silver 10Copper
[Aviana's Grips] Leather Hands 84Gold 3Silver 60Copper
[Dwyer's Caber] Trinket 152Gold 85Silver 24Copper
[Hyjal Bear Cub (Item)] Companion 1500Gold
[Mylune's Call] Vanity 3500Gold

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