Valley of Trials

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Valley Trials

The Valley of Trials

The Valley of Trials in southern Durotar is where all young orc adventurers begin their journey. Within the valley, they are safe from external threats while taking on challenges that enable them to get used to their new status as recruits of the Horde. By the time they leave the valley they are more than ready to face the trials that await beyond the tall walls.

Roughly in the center of the valley, carved out of the cliff, is a small cave equipped with the basic comforts of living, known as the Den. This is where recruiters and trainers live and work, and where the new recruits report back as they complete tasks in the area. Recently, a taint has crept into the northern part of the valley. What was once a small network of natural caves in the cliffs has recently been inhabited by foul demons. Even though the demons there are relatively weak and harmless, they have begun to spill out into the valley proper. Furthermore, the presence of the demons suggests that rumors about the Shadow Council getting a foothold in the region may have some truth.

Wildlife in the area includes venomous scorpids and brutish boars. While most of them are fairly harmless, a particularly nasty scorpid called Sarkoth has been causing trouble. Orcish peons also utilize the area gathering lumber from what few trees grow in the arid landscape.


Warlocks replace the Vile Familiars quest with two others, and then pick up the Burning Blade Medallion quest.



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