Valiance Landing Camp

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Alliance 32 Valiance Landing Camp
Valiance Landing Camp
RacesIconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Human Female Human

IconSmall Dwarf MaleIconSmall Dwarf Female Dwarf
IconSmall Gnome MaleIconSmall Gnome Female Gnome
IconSmall NightElf MaleIconSmall NightElf Female Night elf
IconSmall Draenei MaleIconSmall Draenei Female Draenei

IconSmall Worgen MaleIconSmall Worgen Female Worgen
AffiliationAlliance Vanguard
LocationNortheastern Wintergrasp [72, 31]
Sources: Wrath of the Lich King

The Valiance Landing camp is the Alliance's default starting base if they are not in control of Wintergrasp Fortress. The NPCs that would appear in the fortress appear here as well.

Travel connections Edit

Flight Edit

Neutral 15 Death's Rise
Neutral 15 The Shadow Vault
Neutral 15 River's Heart
Neutral 15 Crusaders' Pinnacle
Neutral 15 Dalaran
Alliance 15 Stars' Rest

NPCs of Valiance Landing Camp Edit

Notes Edit

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