Vagath is a nathrezim loyal to Illidan and one of Maiev Shadowsong's jailors the others being Zandras and Akama.

After completing the quest Akama, Vagath will arrive at the prison and question him. While being questioned Akama will trick Vagath into believing that all is well and "kills" the intruder.

Later, during the Black Temple attunement quest chain, the Ashtongue Deathsworn attack the temple, where Akama personally kills Vagath.

Tricked by AkamaEdit

After completing the quest entitled Akama, a small scripted event between Akama and Vagath occurs. Vagath arrives with two demonic minions and yells out:

  • Vagath: Mortals, here? What is the meaning of this, pathetic Broken!
  • Akama whispers to the player: Have no fear, <race>. Just play along.

Akama "kills" the player and reassures Vagath.

  • Akama: A mere nuisance, I assure you! Tell the Master his prisoner will not escape while Akama and his Deathsworn watch over her.
  • Vagath: You'd do well not to toy with me, Akama. Illidan has given me strict orders to keep watch on the Warden. If I find out you are hiding anything from me, I will crush you with my bare hands!

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