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The script

/script for i=0,9 do print(EscapeLink(select("4", GetItemQualityColor(i)))) end

returns that artifact is still a gold color. Further, using the "Link" function on Wowhead returns a gold color for an artifact weapon. They're still gold. --Sky (t · c · w) 02:22, 5 December 2008 (UTC)

Negative - they are red. Edit

The code you list has nothing to do with "Artifact" - simply another value of the item quality hierarchy.

From the very beginning, Blizzard has documented Artifacts as Red. It was in their original online game guide when the game launched. Only users began to speculate that Artifacts were gold when they started seeing "GM" item links.

Its now revealed that gold items are simply the new Heirloom items, paving the way for the original and correct color of Red, to be labeled for artifacts. This was confirmed by Eyonix, as noted in my source links.

Please cite a current source for the colour being red. The Eyonix source is very out of date. The game API provides accurate current data for version 3.0.3. Item quality number 6 is described by the game as "Artifact", and the colour provided for it is light gold. Item quality number 7 is used for heirloom items, and also provides the same colour. The API treats both qualities separately, but they share the same colour. --Murph (talkcontr) 04:34, 2 January 2009 (UTC)

Data reported directly from the game API is not speculation. GetItemQualityColor(6) returns #E6CC80 for hex. getglobal("ITEM_QUALITY6_DESC") returns "Artifact". Those are both accurate and current facts provided by the Blizzard API. The official WoWWiki color for artifacts is currently #E6CC80 according to MediaWiki:Common.css (qc-artifact). The color used by Wowhead for artifacts is the same as the color from the Blizz API and the official WoWWiki style sheet. Until you can cite a current source for red, the color needs to remain consistent with the game API, the official WoWWiki colors, and the Wowhead colors. --Murph (talkcontr) 04:57, 2 January 2009 (UTC)

Although artifacts are not yet implemented for players, they are, in fact currently in the game, just very rarely seen, and generally unlinkable (items which have not been seen on a particular realm cannot be linked). WoWWiki also has details of a number of artifact quality items listed on the artifact page, and they use our site standard color, which our artifact page needs to be consistent with. You can also view the list of current artifact quality items in the current game at Although they are not yet implemented for players, they could potentially be seen on a GM making one of their very rare in-game appearances. Blizzard currently do duplicate an item quality color - GetItemQualityColor(6) and GetItemQualityColor(7) produce identical results. 6 is described by the game as "Artifact". 7 does not currently have a description in the game API, but it is used on the existing, implemented heirloom items. There's no justification to remove our existing content on artifacts, it's accurate and should all be clearly marked as either GM-only items, or developer speculation. When Blizzard update the color they currently use for Artifact/6, the current representation of all artifact items on WoWWiki will most likely be changed at that time. Until then, it's more appropriate to list the current implementation, with clear and appropriate notes to make sure that anyone reading the relevant pages is aware of both not implemented for players content and speculation on what is reasonably likely to happen should such content be implemented for players. --Murph (talkcontr) 05:37, 2 January 2009 (UTC)

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