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High atop the mountain peaks of Stonetalon, above the clouds where the air is thin, he rules. A mighty king and his people whatch as the Third War rages.

“Sir!” squacks Gotier, a mere messenger. “We have reports that the Undead flesh have reached the shore!” His large pigeon-like eyes glimmered in the sun. But the lord of the peak raised his hand and nodded for the messenger to depart. “I have a feeling that our wings shall become bloody before the half-moon rises.” He bobbed his black plumed head and dipped his beak to the elders around him. “The vile sisters from Durotar wish me to step in and aid their plight against the Horde. But we have harbored our home for ages and survived too much to throw our wings wide and to glide into the frothy ocean waves!” The elders coed their approval all around. “Yes, we must wait until the time is right before we reveal ourselves to the lower races. Our culture must be protected, at all costs!” King Jamal Darkwing then spun on his heels and made his way from the Audience chamber and back into his private rooms. Behind him followed his war advisor, Masat Steelgust, Master of the House of Eagles and Commander Chief of the Aeronian Battalions.

Gotier had just exited out through the Northern Doors and began his take-off run, then up and away into the air he flew. Below him the Citadel shimmered in the sunlight. The Lake of Tears frothed and splashed with zillions of fish. He marveled at how The Citadel could rest on such strange islands. The Lake of Tears stretched of hundreds of miles on the mountain side. Its southern side beating at the mountain’s Cliffside. The east coast opened up to Joy River. The Citadel Stood in the center of the lake on three separate pillars of rock jutting up from the lake. Gotier turned east and followed Joy River as it tumbled down the Mountain side then south again to the white keep, home of the House of Doves. Several Aeronie waved a hand in greeting as he landed before the twin white towers of Purest Hold. Where the House of Ravens are stuffy and cold, Doves are warm and cheery. He quickly gave his report to Amalii Snowcrown before he was off again to Windeye Gate and the House of Hawks, and so on till every house had heard the message and given him a response to carry. Such is the duty of a messenger.~

And thus one of Azeroth’s greatest secrets held out and let the other races of the world unite against the Legion. This was a prideful and selfish choice. Now they are paying the price. A disease has forced the winged ones from their lofty Citadel and into the central ring of world politics. The Harpies crow with glee as their cousins fall one by one from some horrid sickness that attacks their breathing organs. Many suspect the Harpy Queen, but too much energy is being placed on finding a cure to serioudly investigate (Hunt down and slay) the exact origin. Their Elders are shut away in their beds, their New Borns are dying suddenly. Even the older children are growing ill.

Who are they? They call themselves the Aeronie. They live in the highest reaches of Stonetalon, a very remote and mostly unexplored region of western Kalimdor. Despite being recluses, they know much about the current state of affairs between the Horde and Alliance. They have out right refused to join any side and forbid any but the most trusted to enter their mountain home.

These people are much akin to birds. Their faces are very human or elven, though their nose is a beak. An Aeronie wing span is 18 feet when fully matured and practised. They reach full adulthood around age thirty. They have not hair, but fine feathers atop their head and shoulder, or any where else for that matter. Plumage varies by house. The ravens sport black, where the Doves are pure white. Eagles tend to be white with brown wings and Hawks are mostly solid brown. Other minor houses exist such as the Peacock, Jay, Robin, and many more. And each has say in the Congress of Houses before the King.

To have a house you must have enough standing to breakaway from your old house and enough gold to buy the land for your own manor. House Masters are much like congress men. The King is crowned by the Congress after receiving support from a majority of Houses. Without this support, civil war ensues. Their inner government politics can become quite complicated and brutal.

Beginings The origin of this race is clouded in mystery and history. But they believe themselves to be close cousins of Harpies, their mortal enemy. There is definitely bad blood between them. Harpies are thought to be Highborn cursed by the Queen Azshara. It is possible that Aeronie are the evolved Harpy. For their wings are separate limbs from their arms.

Citadel The capital city of the Aeronie. It is a vast fortress built atop three messas rising up from the water of The Lake of Tears below. Named as such for the first Aeronie to die, perished in it’s depths. The walls and most building are constructed out of a black granite mine from the mountain side, Their archetechture reflects thir love of art and fortifications. Civilian streets are winding and lined with Evergreens, Military areas are straight and orderly. Gardens bloom in the middle of large shopping squares were taverns and shops sell goods.


Sta -2, Spt +2, Int +1, Cha -1

Favored class, Scout

Racial Features,

Winged Flight. First spread your wings and run for a good 30 feet and sour into the sky. Must be able to get a running start of 30 feet or drop 20 feet to get enough velocity to maintain flight. The skill Jump would allow for a direct take off if one can manage to jump 20 feet in the air. It takes more energy fly then to walk, but flying is much faster the walking.

Special fitting. All armor must be bought to fit around the fighter’s wings. Add 5 gp to armor but plate, for plate add 10 gp.

Focused sight. Visibility far extends past the average man and even elf.


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