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Welcome to WoWWiki! Hope you can help the community and vice versa (-:
If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them, or you could drop them at the reference desk (where I might answer them anyway)!
Just wanted to say welcome, and to encourage you to contribute!


Want to help? Join a team!Edit

Also, if you are here to help the community as a whole (and not just edit an article or two that you noticed needed changing), then I suggest you check out the various community teams - we could always use some help! Find one that suits you and leave a message on it's join page!


Your mods here on WoWWiki Edit

Hey mate, I see you've published a few of your mods here at WoWWiki. We're currently trying to clean up our AddOn directory (see WoWWiki talk:Proposal to deprecate addon collection), and those of your mod pages that haven't been kept up to date have likely been tagged for possible deletion. If however you'd like to use WoWWiki as the main site / extension site for your mods, you're more than welcome to get your pages up to date and yank the tag off them! Regards, Mikk 18:31, 21 June 2006 (EDT)

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