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Well of Eternity theory By Creator:

  • note: this is an UNofficial theory which wasn't prooved by Blizzard or any Warcraft Lore official resource.

The Theory of The Well of Eternity: In the map of Azeroth, if we look on the two areas in both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, we can see two zones with a hole in its structure, those zones are the Wetlands and Azshara. Azshara was known where there were Temples of Elune, which we can see clearly if we travel there in World of Warcraft. From what is known to me, there is no telling where does Zin-Azsharai, The Well and Suramar was, so, i assume by the name of the zone: "Azshara" that those were there. So, if you merge the two isles you will get one huge landscape which once was Kalimdor itself. But, there will be a hole in the middle, between Azshara and the Wetlands, that was, before the Burning Legion's first invasion to Azaroth, where Azshara's glourius palace, Zin-Azshari, and the Well of Eternity, once were. That Explains why there are Nagas on the Shore of Azshara, and why there is a hole between Azshara and The Wetlands.

Again, this theory WAS NOT proved by any offical Warcraft source.

Currently the Well has turned into the "Rift" under the maelstrom, see Lands of Mystery for more informationBaggins 09:54, 10 April 2006 (EDT)

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