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No offense, but it seems you have put all the dungeons except Uldum in Tirisfal Glades. Maybe a bit more variety? -Matanui

Hmm, like the general idea of the expansion though I disagree on some of the classes available for the races as well as the addition of Spellbreakers since they don't immediately appear to have anything to do with the Emerald Dream and aren't selectable by the new races. First of all, I think the Quilboars shouldn't be given Warlocks but rather Rogues. The reason for this is that the Horde already have 3 Warlock races versus the Alliance's two. The Furbolgs on the other hand should get Warlocks instead of Mages as it sort of makes sense since there were Furbolgs who were corrupted during the invasion. And instead of the Spellbreaker, I think the Runemaster should be the new class, with the two new races as well as Tauren, Trolls, Dwarves and Gnomes gaining them as well (

I've also got an idea for a new profession; Dreamweaving. Basically, Dreamweaving allow the user to produce Dreams, items that offer temporary, one-shot buffs for its owner or Nightmares, items that offer debuffs when used against enemies. Components for these include cloths and inks (new item) as well as well as dusts, essences, shards and nexus crystals from Enchanting. Improved recipes can produce longer lasting Dreams or Dreams that can be used more than once.

Oh yeah, as for Furbolg racials, I've got a few ideas: 1. Battle Roar - Causes the target to tremble in fear 2. Intellectualism - Increase Intellect by 10 3. Fist Specialization - Increase Fist Weapon skill by 5 4. Daydreamer - 15 point skill bonus for Dreamweaving mr. peasant 17.37 22 February 2007, GMT

Well, the Runemaster idea wouldn't work, as I have already made a Great Sea Expansion Pack Rumor, in wich the Runemaster is part of. The other two classes on that page are just for reference from the World of Warcraft forums. -Masslen

Hmm, well, I don't see Quilboar as very demonic. They seem more elemental in their magic with fire and ice. Mage would be better over warlock, and as stated before, the Furbolg should get warlocks... and shamans, since that's where Shaman fit best.

Anyway, I figure by now the 6 class limit could be breached. As such, from the standpoint of following suit with the Great Sea, a few classes that couldn't fit certain races could finally fit: Naga Priests, Dwarven Shamans, perhaps a few others. In any case, the troll and blood elves get Spellbreakers and therefore force the limit to rise anyway so 8 maximum doesn't seem too far a stretch. By the way, Masslen, when you're ready for Northrend, if it's next, I have a few ideas, so find me again. -Clayskeleton

Hhmmmmmmmmmm The Quilboar Edit

I like the quilboar as enemy but it not deserve too be a new playeble race in my opinion i dunnot like it but its better then WOWWOTLK And wtf are fulborg`s

OK, 1st of all, they're called Furbolg's. 2nd, technically anything could be a playable race. Dragon's could be next-idk. 3rd, folo the link on the page if you dont no wat they r.

Dragonnagaofthewater 19:53, 5 September 2007 (UTC)

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