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Guild stub and dead guilds Edit

Hand of the Forsaken and Low Red Moon have been stubbed because they may be dead guilds. While they basically are dead, I will still contend that the pages have a reason to be up here. Both guilds have been a very important part of the server history (Feathermoon US is the server), and I feel it is important that this history is documented and recorded somewhere. If you need me to make changes to the text (to separate IC and OOC comments, to make it more clear that this is a defunct guild, etc), I'll be happy to do so - but not including this page at all would be, imho, a mistake. Also, I checked the guidelines in the Guild writing pages, and I cannot find any mention there that the featured guild should be an active one. I'm not trying to play rule lawyer here - but if you feel that dead guilds should not be on WoWWiki, then maybe the Guild writing guide should mention that. Thanks for any explanation. -- Tsark 07:55, 9 November 2006 (EST)

Just because they are important to Server:Feathermoon doesn't mean they belong in the main namespace. I would suggest they go under Server:Feathermoon/Hand of the Forsaken and Server:Feathermoon/Low Red Moon. It is fine to redirect to these places from Hand of the Forsaken and Low Red Moon. Although it doesn't explicitly say it, Category:Guilds and its subcategories was meant for active guilds.

Although policy doesn't explicitly say a guild must be active, a dead guild is unlikely to have edit activity, so will end up getting deleted for that reason. "Guild pages marked as stubs which have not been edited for 30 days will be deleted." --Fandyllic (talk) 10:25 AM PST 9 Nov 2006

Ok, I've moved the pages. About the stub thing, I would argue that dead guilds should not be stubbed in the first place - at least nothing in the guild policy page suggests that they should be stubbed. -- Tsark 11:31, 10 November 2006 (EST)

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