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Since the dawn of time, the created world has been mirrored by a vast plane of verdant, natural energies - known as the Emerald Dream. Consisting of huge forests, vast plains and other less identifiable naturalistic environments, the Dream is all that nature ever could be, if only it had been left unperturbed by the civilised races. Mirroring the shape and form of primordial Kalimdor, before the events of the Sundering, this level of creation has since time immemorial been the realm of the Green Dragonflight, lead by the emphemeral and elusive Dragon Aspect Ysera - She of the Dreaming. For untold ages, the green dragons and their allies the druids patrolled their ethereal kingdom and preserved it from the tumults and disturbances of the waking world. As the continents were splintered, blood was spilt, wild things became extinct and innocence was lost - the Dream remained serene and tranquil - its visitors and permanent inhabitants safe under the protective wings of their slumbering mistress.

All is not well within the Dreamways however. Recently, a dark force, known as the Nightmare, has appeared and has begun to wander the landscape at random. Originating from the warped nightmares of the many thousands of suffering mortals in the material world, the Nightmare perverts and warps the natural order of the Dream, converting healthy creatures into ravening beasts, withers and decays plantlife and torments those unfortunate sentients, druid, dreamer and dragon alike, caught in its path. Growing in strength and power, the Nightmare and those Unwaking who represent it are merely the tools of a much darker and more ancient evil. Older than the very Dream itself, the Old Gods have found a way to penetrate into the Dream after hundreds of millennia. Hoping to destroy the Dream utterly, and with it all life on Azeroth, the Old Gods are perhaps one of the greatest threats the people of Azeroth have ever faced. New races arise to challenge this terrible threat, old rules are broken and the warriors of the Horde and Alliance have finally been permitted to enter the Sleeping Realm while outside of their Dreams, in order to fight this great darkness. The drums of war thunder, even in our dreams.

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